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Friday, December 3, 2010


Politic is cruel, don't care friend or not. all is foe. once more politic is also tricky...
What is your on mind our Presidence? Don’t you look us full of hardship? Many great cases occurred in your government but why you always generate new cases? As we know, case of ex-leader of corruption commission wiped out Anta Sari Azhar, until now is still blur. Actually the killer of the leader of Putra Rajawali Nazrudin Zulkarnain which is Antasari Azhar have been jailed, but the motive of murder has been not yet uncover till now. And after that case, appears other cases which couldn’t be revealed too such asz: Century gate, Police and recently case which is still warm, Gayus that has succeed run out from his prison. As the leader of this big country, the presidence as should as control his each statements whether those statements burn our heart as ordinary people who lead by him. We are always in confusion look and hear statement or politics with fulll of tricky. This country is more and more an aploar. The government center in Jakarta oftenly make a unfair decision of each member of their government. When Indonesian situation is being grief because much destiny occurred recently such as: merapi montain eruption, sunami in Mentawai, floading and other destiny, our presidence stated want change form of sultanate of Yogyakarta become governour. Absolutely, Indonesian sociaties have well-known form of special district of Yogyakarta since the procalmers of this country fixed it, so why Sby that is new of element for Indonesia suddenly want change form of sultanate in Yogya? We are just ordinary sociaties who never known political view our leader.Obviously, base on historical of DIY province and as well written down in UUD1945 18B section about the regulation of special district of Yogyakarta, why government intensely ignore it with want form of DIY? Well, it must be political playing from they want change the cases against whereas members of government involved within. While base on history of DIY itself, fact the existence of DIY is prior before Indonesia itself. Yogyakarta was legitimated its status become special district of Yogyakarta since March fourth 1950, which endorsed by the law number 3, 1950, yet Its status as special district of yogyakarta had been fixed last two day after proclamacy of Indonesia republic independence. History of Yogyakarta begun from shapped of old Mataram kingdom in 732, which at that time was being governed by Sanjaya as a king. In the 750-850, Sailendra’s dynasty was the authority there, and he built Borobudur temple up to finish in 825 in Samaratungga’s era. Than in era 1613-1645, Sultan Agung governed Mataram Islam and as well succeed widen his authority untill central java, part of east java, Kalimantan, part of west java and VOC (Vereenegde ost-indische compagnie(, at that time conquered Batavia. To shorten history of Yogyakarta itself, as the result of Round Table Conference, Yogyakarta was decided as center of Indonesia government which is still federal contry. After that, Indonesia back to republic in 15 August 1950, whereas Yogyakarta was also being fixed as Special district of Yogyakarta. Thus, Yogyakarta has important role of formed this country even not only that, one of 4 reformers figures is Sultan Hamengku Buono X. So why, Sby want to change DIY sultanate become a governor? Hmm, we never know mind that is folded by politic. Hopefully presidence’s idea is not carried out, in other hand our unity also is not threatened like said by Professor Sunyoto as leader of genta (movement entire civil of yogyakarta).

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