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Thursday, December 2, 2010


HUH! !! I've throw the great chance-great chance-great chance... because deeply regret so I'll reprimand own self here,,, WUUH WUUH WUUH..
_tenfold stupid, and stupid_ yea, it actually have to throw scold for me. How not? the lecturer have shown me to try my ability in her study to try as translator with native speaker, but I ignore it with move the chance to my friend. HMMM,,, it's a billion ignorance thing that I always do. With the same matter that always occurred, I ask to own self, what am I stupid or the most than my friend in my class? ***I don't know what I do never dare to perform or give opinion while sometime I have great ideas? oh God, what am I a dumb man? please give me a brainstorm so I become a smart and dare...

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