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Friday, March 4, 2011


Thanks for my best friend in jakarta, and also a tight girl which her alive become inspiration for me and hope you as reader this blog.
This morning i called my best friend that is in jakarta, at first I am not bound to call him. After came message from him that its contain "Teng are you stress?" in betawiness style. Of course I was very surprise and confuse with his message, in my feeling that no problem recently happened between he and I so what he sent me message like that? end, I decided contact him want to ask what is the meaning his message. After I call him and clarify it, fact, last two days I gave his number to my friend that was searching friend to take share in jakarta. after I notify that mind of that people contact him, thus the case stop. I am continue with other speaking topic as about his study and mine. In the speaking, he advice me to change my self so this own can be worth again. I was very salute with that my friend, actually he can be told do nothing by their friend at the pass time, but with high self confidence there is no one who will be not salute him cause nowadays he is able to study in university. Just self confidence, attempting, and certainly closing with Allah, he is worthy people now. He really inspire me, actually I have more ability than him, always just curse on this own. I feel small heart. And for the second person that also inspire me is a girl integrity. She is really wonder woman, Actually she is a newer get blind, but she never hopeless, with what she is getting walk. Realizing fast that herself should be useful and many things that she can do even she is woman blind now, become herself is very super in endure blindness. I very thank have known you, because I'm very sure you are inspiration for me even though for other people else. For all of you want to know who is she, and get friend with her, you can visit her blog that appears in this title

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