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Monday, November 22, 2010


Inspiring for they only ask with forcing. where there willing, that is a way.
Mostly in the night of Sunday at this time, I always go to Dago and I’m very glade. Of course I’m not alone, there are 2 my friend accompany me. Our desire is happy and happy, so we carry a guitar but not just for fun, that our activity also value money oriental. Start we are both of 3 sing form car to car stand on car window and singing. We sing like on the stage full power and sometime with good harmony voice first and second voice, yet, saldom we out of tune. Actualy we sing to gain payment from owners car or driver, so often we get control our voice so that discordant voice we are going to earn lot of money. For me, that is happiness activity cause, beside I gain glow also money that I can use for buying snack or I save partly of coins, that I get. We are very happy with that side job, we start at 19.00 but sometime later than, and just finish usually at 10 or can be over time. Are we ashamed with that job? Hmm, if you or there are some people tell that the job is shame, so you may try it in order to, all of you can tell what the job or activity shame or not, because for us that is rightful job compared if you pick someone pockets or thieve someone properties. Well, that’s all story about my night Sunday activity, but later you can read more about this story in this blog with bad and funny story, see you.

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